How to Buy the Best Drip Coffee Maker: The Newbies Guide

Whether you are a coffee aficionado or not, you must be familiar with the drip coffee brewers. These basic and renowned coffee makers can be found anywhere from a home to restaurants, offices, and stores.

Because of its ease of use and affordable prices, drip coffee makers are very popular. Brewing coffee with the best drip coffee makers is quite simple, with the right technique you can make your coffee in just 3 minutes.

Electric Drip Brewers

Basic models of electric drip brewers are not at all complicated and involve just a pot, reservoir, and filter area. Most of the complex models often have reusable filters like metal mesh and also some electronic settings so that you can actually set a timer to brew at a certain time.

For using an electric drip brewer, you need to heat up the water in the reservoir tank, and then pass it through the grounds of the filter. When the water passes through the filter, the coffee grounds are brewed and the coffee slowly drips into the carafe.

Advantages of Electric Drip Brewers

Easy set-up: Most of the electric brewers come pre-assembled and you just have to brew your coffee. The only thing you should know is how to measure the right amount of coffee and water.

Automatic features: Modern electric brewers come with numerous features and settings that provide you maximum control over the strength of the brew, along with this you can set the timer to brew your coffee. This makes your mornings much simpler when you can set the timer to brew your coffee right when you get up- just fill the filter with grounds, pour the water in a tank and set the timer when you wake up.

Adjustability: Electric brewers allow you to adjust the number of coffee grounds to set the strength according to your preferences. People who love to have milder coffee prefer to have drip coffee brewer as they are easy to work with.

Keep coffee warmer for a longer time: Most of the electric drip brewers have some easy ways to make sure that your coffee remains warm for a longer time. Some brewers also have a heated surface that goes under the pot and can be turned on and off easily. Other brewers use thermal carafe that doesn’t need any outside heat source and keep the coffee fresh and hot for hours within the sealed thermos.

Electric Drip Brewers

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Pour Over Drip Coffee Maker

Pour over drip coffee maker don’t necessarily need electricity to brew coffee and can be operated with just a filter and hot water. You just need to place the filter and grounded beans into the holder over the coffee mug, now slowly pours the water into the filter and as it starts brewing it will pass through the filter into the mug.

Pour over brewer comes with several advantages that allow you to brew coffee in an efficient and easy way.

No power required: Pour over brewers works without electricity. You just have to see how you will heat the water. Once the water is heated properly, you are good to go for brewing.

Easy to maintain: Pour over brewers are superbly simple with less complicated components. These coffee makers are dishwasher safe and easy to store. The Brewers have no moving part so they are durable enough for a long time and there is actually nothing that can break.

Maximum control of flavor and strength: Pouring water into the filter allows you to control the strength of the coffee like you love. When you control the flow of the water while brewing it allows you bring out maximum flavors of the coffee beans.

Simple, artisanal brewing made easy: Since you do every single step with your hands, pour over brewers make sure you get the same coffee as the electric drip brewer provides. They are easy to use and a perfect option for a novice who is looking for different ways to brew at home.

Pour over drip coffee maker

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