The Buyer’s Guide to Bunn Coffee Maker

A Bunn coffee maker is the smartest choice you could make as it provides you with a coffee machine which not only produces the best coffee in the world but also provides you with a durable coffee maker which you can use regularly. With this coffee maker, you can be certain that your coffee will always taste delicious and smooth. It also offers you a lot of models which can make it a little difficult to choose one for your own home.

Don’t worry, with the help of this guide, you will be able to choose a perfect Bunn coffee maker for your own home. You can also check best espresso machine for commercial use.

These are a few features which you need to pay attention to when buying a Bunn coffee maker:

 1. Quantity

So, the first thing you need to look for is how many cups of coffee you need every day. If you have many family members who like to drink coffee, then you would need to go for a multi-cup brewer. If you are the sole coffee drinker at your home, then it would be wise to go for a single cup coffee brewer.

The multi-cup brewers are of two types: Phrase brew or Velocity Brew. A phrase brew coffee maker uses the concept of heating their water to a perfect temperature and then spraying that water on the ground coffee instead of dripping. A velocity brew coffee maker uses the Bunn fast-brew technology to achieve a fresh cup of coffee in just 3-4 minutes.

2. Price

The second thing to look out for is your budget. If you are on a tight budget, then you would need to cut back on a few features. A single cup coffee maker costs around $100-$200 and a phrase brewer can range anywhere between $100 and $150 whereas a velocity brewer can cost you around $110-$200. The one of the best competition of Bunn coffee maker is ninja coffee bar, because of it’s the same price.

3. Quickness

The next feature to look at is the quickness of the machine to brew a cup of coffee. If you need a quick dose of coffee every morning, then you should go with the single cup coffee maker as it takes only 60 seconds to brew a cup of coffee whereas a velocity coffee is quicker when you are making multiple cups of coffee and takes just 3-4 minutes. Phrase coffee makers are the slowest as they take some time to heat the water and then maintain it.

4. Coffee Accessories

Another important feature to consider when buying a Bunn coffee maker is what all accessories you will need to buy it. A single cup coffee maker is a convenient option as you can use ground coffee for them although you still need to stock up on a few K-cups if you don’t want the hassle of that, then you can go for multi-cup coffee makers. Just remember that multi-cup coffee makers require you to purchase good coffee filters which have a design similar to that of a Bunn filter.

5. High Altitude model

Another crucial feature to keep in mind is if you need a high-altitude model or not. This feature is specific to only a few models and is perfect for those people who live on a high-altitude.

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